3 questions

  1. Is there ANY burner on the market capable of making a high SecuRom (such as is found in Unreal Tournament 2004) backup without emulation?
  2. How can I tell how many sheep my burner is?
  3. Can a no sheep burner make copies that work with emulation, or are they completely no good?
    Thanks if you answer any of my questions.

A search would bring you faster answers.

  1. Plextor Premiums can make Excellent backups of SecuROM 4.8x/5 games.

Also if you had a look in the Copy Protection forum you will find that a program called TwinPeaks can also make non emulated backups which can be virtually used with most burners.

  1. You can post it here and we can take a looksie or you can take the Sheep Test.

  2. The “Sheep” rating only applies to making backups of SafeDisc 2/3 protected games. For that, there is a small chance that you can make a copy which requires no emulation by Bypassing EFM Errors(Alcohol 120%) or Amplifiying Weak Sectors(CloneCD). Not sure about BlindWrite. 0 sheep burners can make copys with emulation normally.:slight_smile:

Good Luck!

BTW, Welcome to the forums!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, and thanks for welcoming me to the forum. So are you saying that how many sheep a burner is has no bearing on whether it will be able to coopy games that aren’t protected with SafeDisc 2 or 3?


Because SafeDisc is the only protection using Weak Sectors.

OK thank you for the help :slight_smile: