3 questions

1.Yes Can someone tell me a real fast mp3 player that loads fast, and a liink to download
2. A free email service that loads really fast and allows you to check your mail right away without loding any crap
3. How to forward e-mail that goes to one e-mail address to another one (thats incase I get a new email)

Thanks Alot

I use yahoo as free mail service it’s not the fastes but it isn’t slow either and you can check it using outlook or any other mailing program.


<UL TYPE=SQUARE> 1. Whats wrong with winamp?
2. Go look for Pop3 emial providers so that you can adjust your outlook or eudora mail to it.
3. www.bigfoot.com for an oustanding forward service


Just my opinion

  1. www.winamp.com www.un4seen.com/music/music_xmplay.html

  2. webbased: www.020.co.uk the GREATEST webbased email service I ever encountered, I highly recommand 020.co.uk to EVERYONE. Lots of great features/options…worth checking out!
    pop3: www.namezero.com www.crosswinds.net www.hotmail.com (can now be used through outlook)

  3. most e-mail providers have a forwarding option…check your options/settings menu…

i can answer 2/3 for ya:

  1. winamp - www.winamp.com
  2. excite inbox - www.excite.com