3 questions about the PX-708A DVD burner

I noticed the drive does not come with PlexTools Professional.
Has anyone tried installing the PlexTools Pro with the PX-708?

Does this drive support Giga-Rec like the Premium?

Sheep test - what’s the veridict? 1, 2, or 3 sheep capable?


  1. Yes it does, but only in Europe. American drives will however also work with PlexTools. Check the FAQ for a solution.
  2. No, GigaRec is limited to the Premium drive only. It does support reading GigaRec discs though.
  3. Two sheep I can verify. I don’t know about three but I don’t think so. More information in the review.

Thanks man… I appreciate it.

I’ve got a Pioneer DVD120 and PX-Premium, and I’m wanting to get a DVD ± burner to replace one of these two drives…

Drives I’m considering:

Pioneer DVR-A06
TDK 440N IndiDVD
NEC 1300A

I’ve searched cdfreaks, and read several threads…
I still can’t decide which drive to get.