3 Panasonic devices and LG DVR/Card reader



I wanted to share my recent equipment cross-incompaitbility experience in the event anyone can use it in their buying research or if has similar components:

  1. PC Optical Drive: Panasonic UJ-845 Slot-loading multi-drive
  2. Camcorder: Panasonic VDR-D200 3-1/2" multi-drive drive
  3. DVR/VCR Combo: Panasonic DMR-ES35VS (multi-drive recorder)
  4. DVR: LG DR1F9H super-multi recorder; AVI player; 14-in-2 Card Reader/Writer

UJ-845 will not load 3" disks (it is only a 5" disc slot-loading design)
VDR-D200 software bundle will not convert PC video files (avi, mpg, etc…) to be put on DVD-VR.
VDR-D200 software bundle adds UDF format and write capability to Windows
VDR-D200 drive has seemless cross-communication with UJ-845 on PC via the camcorders supplied USB cable
VDR-D200 does not output DV to either DMR-ES35VS or LG DR1F9H DV inputs (must be done by supplied S-Video cable)
VDR-D200 stills written to SD card can be played in LG DR1F9H
VDR-D200 software bundle cannot recognize DVD-VR from LG DR1F9H
DMR-ES35VS cannot read or edit DVD-VR from LG DR1F9H
DMR-ES35VS cannot combine titles on DVD-VR DVD-RW/RAM discs
LG DR1F9H cannot format 3" DVD-RAM discs (but it can edit and read them)
LG DR1F9H cannot format or edit CDs (but can read them)
LG DR1F9H will play DVD-VR edited by DMR-ES35VS, but thumbnails and titles are scrambled
LG DR1F9H will edit DVD-VR edited by DMR-ES35VS, but once this is done, DMR-ES35VS can no longer read or edit them
LG DR1F9H-edited DVD-VR cannot be read by VDR-D200 bundled software
LG DR1F9H will only play avi, divx and jpeg on CD/DVD discs written in CDFS or UDF format (FAT32 DVD-RAMs are illegible)
LG DR1F9H DVD-VR editor will not divide titles on DVD-RAM discs (DMR-ES35VS does)

Maybe that is useful to someone - it took me time to figure all this out.