3 Noob Questions


As title says… I have 3 little questions I would to get answers for, please.

  • Should I limit my NEC3520 reading speed? If so, how do I do this?
  • I have Alcohol 120% installed, and every time I right-click on one of my drives/hdd’s icons in windows, a window named “AXShlex” appears.
  • What is Riplock? EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve found the answer. It’s basicly a speed limit which prevents the drive from read CD/DVD discs in their max speed? I’ve got it removed with the latest Liggy & Dee firmware, but I know there are tools which you can limit it, nonetheless.

Thanks in advance.

BTW, do you think a DVD+R disc that has been booktyped to DVD-ROM will be readable by a PS2 that hasn’t been modded yet?

  1. Why whould you want to limit your speeds? I see no reason why you should.
  2. No idea, I don’t use Alcohol.
  3. You found it already :wink:
  4. PS2 consoles will not play backups of games regardless if the booktype has been set to DVD-ROM. They do however play movie backups when they’re not modded but also when the booktype has not been changed.

Thier really is no reason to slow down your drive. If it is having a hard time reading a particular disk it will slow down reading automatically by it self so thier is no reason for you to try to slow it down.

You guys are great, thanks!

I was doubting the RIPLOCK because I heard it can damage some very old discs which are based on mediocre media…