3 Monitor setup?

I want to eventually set my computer up with 3 monitors… i already run 2 but 1 is widescreen and the other is reg size. Id like to get 1 reg size on both size of the middle widescreen… what do i need to get to make that happen, besides obviously another monitor?? do i need to get a particular video card? same brand as other? can it be whatever? my motherboard happens to have both AGP and PCIE (im currently using the latter) can i run from both or would i have to get like a pci card… or is there some other splitter type thing i need?? thanks in advance!

Look here, I have it in my office.

It will depend on the use you envisage for your monitors.
Do you want 1 image across the 3 screens, 3 independent images, etc.
Do you want to use them for games or other kind of usage?
What you need is the output capabilities and software (and/or graphic board drivers to manage the all thing.
Matrox has something that fills your demand in terms of number and flexibility of screens usage, but will not be the best for games
With present days games too dependent on graphic hardware it can be a dif match certain kind of demands.
They also have devices to adapt to several screens (not the board itself), but I don’t know much about.
Have a look here for the adapter: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/home.php

and here for a board as referred above: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/crepro/products/parhelia/256mb.php
and here you have a general product list:

Note: this is not advetisement, just because I use Matrox at home for general image and video editing the name came to me and going to the site to copy the link for you I found things that are new (at first I was just looking for parhelia link). The adaptor seems interesting, but I have to revert there to see what it does, for myself purposes.
From here, you can have an idea and look for different offers…maybe cheaper ones.

If it’s just for normal desktop pictures (GUI, Word, email, web surfing) just get any crappy video card you want.

If it’s for professional usage of cloning, stretching and expanding the desktop get either a Matrox Parhelia (supports up to 3 monitors, but is only good for 2D images) or use exactly the same two brand of video cards whenever the manufacturer made special drivers for them to work together (for instance, nVidia’s SLI)

If it’s for gaming or other 3d on three monitors, forget it.