3 minute Rip

I would like to rip about 3 minutes from a DVD.

Is there a method of doing it without ripping the whole disk and then cutting/saving that segment?

The output may be DVD. AVI, or MPG. DVD quality is preferable.

The 3 minutes are a minute here and a minute there. I would need to attach them together.

Anyone? Thanks!


VobEdit, CutStream.exe and Mpeg2Vcr(really good after backup to the HDD with DVD Decrypter) should suffice.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. After so long went by, I didn’t think anyone would reply.

I found cuttermaran, haven’t tried it yet.


Just thought I should inform you, Cuttermaran works only with elementary streams and not program streams. So you will have to try the three I mentioned.

Hope this helps

Wait a minute…

What are elementary streams and program streams?

I’m new here :slight_smile:


Elementary means the audio and video seperate. Program-together. Kapeesh. What I would suggest is that you read the ChickenMan guides at the beginning of this forum. They will be of tremendous Help. As they have been to me.

Hope this helps.