3 megapixel camera phones

After Japanese makers, Samsung has also released 3-megapixel digital camera phone, already field-tested.

Are we also going to see 10-megapixel camera phone this year? If so, then I’d like S-ATA and GbE ports there. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s one reason why I gave up buying Sony T1 camera.

Nice girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice that phones are getting better digitcal cams every now and then, although I really don’t see a need in that for these devices. It’s of course a nice thing to have, but 3MP pics are way to large for transmitting over mobile networks (okay, UMTS could do it, but what’s the point?), too large for the phone’s memory and most likely the image quality will be very crappy, due to limitations to the size, price etc.

I’d figure that any 1MP cam should be more than enough… :wink:

I ve had my Sharp GX30 for like only 3 months or so, one of the first down here, which was enough a reason to brag about it amongst frieds. I guess 1MP is just not enough these days :frowning:

Where are these coming out in the market Ken? Any links or model names?

Very interesting product.
Thanks for posting this Ken.
This thing definitely does not look like a phone though. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t mind having a more compact 2MP camera/phone WITH a flash.
The current most common camera phones (640x480) on the market have huge problems capturing quality images in low light. A flash seems to be necessary in order to capture a good image with a ‘phone-camera’.

@Hemispasm, how do you like your new phone?

Would you like to see the actual images from the 3-megpixel phone? :wink:

The phone uses external memory in addition to the internal memory and that’s one point I prefer Samsung to LG and Hyundai/Quritel. South Koreans transmit video over the mobile network so I don’t think the speed is a serious disadvantage to give the 3-megapixel phone market less room to grow.

Think of it as a downgraded Sony DSC-T1 combined with a mobile phone, also cheaper than DSC-T1.

I thought all camera phones had flash. Even my 300K pixel camera phone has one. At least, the one in the picture seems to have one. 3x optical zoom plus 4x digital zoom. I don’t think you really have to worry about that.

All links so far I have found are in Korean language but you can google yourself to read some of them. :slight_smile:

The model name is SPH-S2300. Here’s another picture I found at Cetizen.com.

The previous Samsung phone camera, 4400 with 2-megapixel module, used Sharp and Samsung technologies but this time Samsung used Pentax module developed for six months. Samsung boldly stated it is a digital camera and a mobile phone in one body. Casio released 3-megapixel camera phone in May this year, two months ahead of Samsung, but it seems obsolete already with the launching of S2300. S2300 is already announced and released officially but I can’t find a link selling it online yet.

Here it is, in English this time.

Samsung Readies 3.2MP SPH-S2300 Phone
Tuesday, July 13 @ 12:00:00 PDT

Samsung unveiled its first 3.2 megapixel digital camera phone (SPH-S2300) with 3 times optical linear zoom today.

The SPH-S2300 is the world’s first camera phone with optical linear 3X zoom.

Linear Zoom, an upgrade from the stage-type of non-linear zoom, allows users to zoom into subjects at a more precise magnification. Most digital cameras on the market have adopted this format to improve picture quality. By adopting a 3X linear zoom, as well as operations expected of a high quality digital camera, Samsung was able to raise the functionality of its camera phone to that of digital cameras.

Along with a 4X digital zoom, the S2300 can magnify pictures up to 12 times. It allows users to choose an image size from a maximum of 2,048 x 1,536 to a minimum of 640 x 480 and between an ISO setting of automatic, 100, 200 and 400. White balance can be used automatically or manually and a manual setting allows users to alter settings to accommodate weather and lighting.

Instead of a LED flash, a camera flash, whose brightness can be adjusted, is installed, allowing users to take pictures of subjects that are in darker settings with outputs that are similar to that of a digital camera. The S2300 also has an auto focusing function that allows the user to take pictures where the main image is in focus and the background out of focus to produce pictures that were only possible with manual focus cameras.

Like a high quality digital camera, the S2300 offers camcorder functions and a high quality microphone. Users are able to record images for more than 2 hours and with Samsung’s unrivaled TV-out function, they can connect the phone to a TV to view video and images directly through a TV. Users are able to extend the memory capacity with a mini SD card, which can be used as a portable storage device when connected to the PC through a USB cable.

The phone adopts a design that salvages the special features of a digital camera. The front is designed like a digital camera with a zoom lens that projects up to 3 cm out of the device and boasts a hidden antenna (so called ‘intenna’ design). Because menu, zoom, shutter and ok buttons are arranged similar to a digital camera, users are able to operate the S2300 like a digital camera. The rear looks like a mobile phone with a slide-down panel that contains keys for functions, such as menu, send and ok, and covers two rows of dial buttons.

Kitae Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics stated, “Although the number of pixels of camera phones can embody the functions of a digital camera with identical number of p were a widely debated issue, it is meaningless to simply compare camera phones based on this parameter. The key is how efficiently and harmoniously a camera phoneixels.” He adds, “The S2300 is a totally new product that offers the functions of both a high quality digital camera and phone.”

The S2300 is currently being tested and with the carrier’s approval, Samsung plans to start selling the S2300 in the Korean market in July.


LG also introducd a 3.24 megapixel camera phone, SD-350 and KP-3500.

LG is at it again with two new three megapixel cameraphones, the SD350, and the KP3500 (pictured). The SD350 will be offered by SK Telecom, and the KP3500 will be offered by KTF, and it appears they will both have a 3.24 megapixel CCD with video capture up to 115 minutes, dual screens, MP3 playback, stereo speakers, 128MB internal memory, MiniSD slot, and operate on CDMA EV-DO networks (pretty girl who doesn’t really give a crap about electronics not included). We’re now officially tired of writing about fancy Korean cameraphones that will never come out here.


Most pretty girls like such phones though. Why complain about the unavailability when dismissing them as “fancy Korean” products? With enough market demand, they will become available in any country other than North Korea.


CDMA2000 1xEV-DO
Commercially Launched – July 2004
Operator(s) - SK Telecom

> 2.4 Mbps data capable
> 145 grams
> 2.2 inch, 176x220 pixel, 262K color TFT-LCD
External 1.3 inch, 88x110 pixel, 65k color STN-LCD
> 200 min Talktime
> 200 hr Standby
> 3.2 Megapixel CCD video camera
Mechanical shutter
Linear 4x zoom
JAVA enabled
MP3 player
3D Speaker
128MB memory+32MB miniSD slot
64 Poly 3D stereo ringer

I hope to see 6-megapixel camera phone by the end of this year and 10-megapixel camera phone in the next year.

Cetizen.com has SD-350/KP-3500 review.



Got SPH-S2300 yesterday for my wife. Comparing SamsungSPH-S2300 and LG LP3500… Samsung’s much better. Both use miniSD external memory.

Thanks Kenshin for all your useful information about the Samsung S2300. I and, I am sure, many other readers would be interested to read your, or your wife’s, opinion of it now that you have had a chance to play with it. Particularly regarding image quality compared to subcompact digital cameras.

The Samsung press release does not state the video resolution of the S2300, could you inform us? Any comments on video quality?

Bluetooth is also not mentioned in the specs, I assume that the S2300 does not have it.

The S2300 will be available in the UK in January 2005, according to Carphone Warehouse

Thanks and season’s greetings,


No Bluetooth.

S2300 has 176144 video resolution. Disappointing since some cheap digital cameras now support 640480 video.

The photo image quality is clearly better than those from LG camera phones. But still comparing S2300’s images against dedicated digital cameras is not valid. I would assume a digital camera from Nikon, Sony, Minolta, etc. which costs US$150 should offer better image quality.

From my and my wife’s point of view, it’s better than any digital camera and any phone we’ve seen yet. S250 is 5-megapixel but it doesn’t have optical zoom and auto-focus and it uses RS-MMC while S2300 uses miniSD. To me, miniSD is better because my LP3500 also uses miniSD and miniSD availability is also better. The price difference between full-sized SD and miniSD is getting nearly negligible now. 512MB miniSD costs about 60,000 Won in Seoul. 1GB SD costs about 90,000 Won. 512MB SD used to cost more than 100,000 Won just several months ago.

My wife can’t easily use her fingers to touch complicated things because of the cerebral palsy which also affects fingers. She has to ask me to open a yogurt cap so having one for all is important. The design also makes it easy to grab and hold to take and watch pictures and video. The Fuji 6900Z which I got also recently is nearly ignored by her.

Here are some resized pictures taken from SPH-S2300 during the airflight and while we were in Busan.

This is what my wife took when she was alone there.


I took some video as well but I haven’t found a way to extract the video out of the phone. LG LP3500 allows storing video in external memory but SPH-S2300 refuses it. It only stores video in the internal memory while storing 2048*1536 photo files only in the external miniSD memory. A 3-megapixel jpg file could be over 1MB per each so conventional USB 1.1 communication is very slow. External miniSD memory can be used easily for USB 2.0 transfer using the very small memory readers using USB 2.0 interface.

I have two 3-mega camera phones, one LG LP3500 and one Samsung SPH-S2300. The three largest mobile phone makers in South Korea are going to start selling 7-mega and perhaps also 10-mega camera phones in a few months. Samsung first displayed their 7-megapixel camera phone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a built-in 100GB HDD and built-in SATA and Gbps Ethernet ports yet but it does seem to have a lot of good things that my 5-year-old Fujifilm camera doesn’t have.


Samsung SCH-V770 displayed at CeBit 2005. SCH-V770 is going to be serviced by SK Telecom in South Korea.