3 MadDog firmwares officially out!


8XDVD9_FW_2F9.exe = 2510 clone
16XDVD9_FW_2FC.exe = 3500 clone
16XDVD9A2_FW_1F3.exe = 3520 clone

Let see if there is any difference to the 2.FC “beta” =P

What’s the difference with those already available ?

The “new” NEC 2510 2.F9 firmware is crashing NecDump 1.1 (the old one not) as some new 35x0 firmwares…

There’s no change in write strategies as reported by 2500dump.exe :

2500dump 8XDVD9_FW_2F9.exe
CD-R version: 1.16
CD-RW version: 1.14
DVD-R version: 1.41f
DVD-RW version: 1.30f
DVD+R version: 1.40f
DVD+RW version: 1.26f
DVD+R9 version: 1.17f

Maybe some change in speed by mediacode ?

Quikee2 - With your modded 2510 firmwares (ex: 2.F9), can I flash it to my 2100 or does there need to be the 2100@2500 patch in there. Of course I’m not sure what exactly that patch does aside from letting the Windows flasher update it.

Quikee, can you adjust your NecDump tool so it can read this latest Mad Dog files :bow:

I wonder if this official release of 2.Fc will allow bitsetting on +rw dvd.

Yes…perhaps the Pros can compare the OFFICIAL vs. UNOFFICIAL 2.FC. The unofficial 2.FC does not support DVD+RW booktype.

The three new Mad Dod firmwares are on my page but I don’t have the exact release date and if they support bitsetting for DVD+R/+RW/+R9.

Quikee2, where are you???

Just had a short look at the disassembled firmware and it still doesn’t seem to have bitsetting support for +RW discs inside.

Looks like “final” firmwares for 2510 and 3500 are the same as beta versions.
File size is the same, chesksums are the same, binary comparison doesn’t reveal any difference. The only thing that changed is file date.

Maybe, I have somehow managed to download wrong files :), but here’s what I’ve got:
Size: 1 089 542
SFV checksum: 704F840F
MD5 checksum: f2530113277bc0c14504da910209dd1d

Size: 1 073 158
SFV checksum: 6D5FF1AE
MD5 checksum: 946614df6cc65f1d74a087860ea79fc7

Ok, I must have some kind of problem with this f@#! MD site because http://mdmm.com/drivers/OpticalDrives/8XDVD9_FW_2F9.exe is 522Kb for me…
And Wesociety “underground” version takes 1049Kb : http://wesleytech.com/files/2510_2F9.exe

Maybe a bad download that makes NecDump 1.1 crash…
Will see at home… :slight_smile:

And http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/8XDVD9_FW_2F9.zip is 522Kb too… Oh fuck the hell, what’s happening ??? Getting Incorrect file when I lauch it…

Anyone ?

Yes… I have the same problem 2.FC is 445 kb long

I downloaded in IE instead of firefox… it’s working now. Nec Dump also works.

2.FC 31.01.05 00

CD-R Version: 1.26
CD-RW Version: 1.24
DVD-R Version: 1.41
DVD-RW Version: 1.36
DVD+R Version: 1.61
DVD+RW Version: 1.37
DVD+R9 Version: 1.26

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

I think they’re the same… =)

The same goes for 2.F9…
2.F9 27.01.05 00

CD-R Version: 1.16
CD-RW Version: 1.14
DVD-R Version: 1.41f
DVD-RW Version: 1.30f
DVD+R Version: 1.40f
DVD+RW Version: 1.26f
DVD+R9 Version: 1.17f

RipLock Not Removed
RPC-2 (Region Locked)

Well, I’m gona keep using Quikee2’s Version 3 Milestone Release - Extreme based on 218btrpc1 firmware. It bitsets all + media to dvd-rom. Now from what I understand is that the 2.18btrpc1’s bitsetting part is based on Mad Dog 2.FA with 2.18’s writing strategies. If that’s true isn’t it possible for Liggy to do the same for 2.FC, meaning, using the new write strategies from 2.FC and bitsetting part based on 2.FA, with riplock removed and rpc1. That would be nice:)

Quikee2, what about an update for the NecDump tool?

IE works for me too. NecDump 1.1 works fine