3 hours option


I just need 3 hour option with my 5005, f/w is 0102-1840-0101-b20g in Canada. Can somebody point me to a firware which can do this. I am new to this forum and any help will be very appreciated.



At the moment, the only way I’m aware of enabling the 3-Hour recording mode on the 500x series is through the use of modified firmware. From my experience with the 5045, the 3-Hour recording mode has quality similar to the 4-Hour mode, but with the exception that it is better at handling motion and noisy picture sources (such as a weak terrestrial broadcast). The picture quality on fairly still scenes with a good source is about the same as with the 4-hour mode since, likely due to both modes having the horizontal resolution cut in half.

Note that using modified firmware will likely invalidate any warranty on your DVD recorder, particularly if anything goes wrong during the firmware update. As there are a few different firmwares available for the 500x series, first you will need to download the official firmware update from Lite-On’s website. Then use the ILO / Lite-On Smart Firmware modification tool. This tool will enable the 3-Hour mode as well as remove the region coding assuming you have a US model (otherwise, press menu, highlight ‘Exit’ and key in 2, 9, 6, 0). Note that this tool does not enable the Lite-On to record copy protected content as Lite-On has changed they way it looks for copy protection in its firmware from after version 098. :rolleyes:

Hey…you have 0101 on your recorder…you have to downgrade to 0098 before apply hack to get 3 hrs. mode. About warranty…if you bought from costco, you can return it any time… no question asked. :cool:

As pong states, you need to first downgrade to the 098 firmware then apply the hacked 098 version.

If you still need a copy of both let me know and I can send you one.