3 Hour Vs 4 Hour Recordings

I was wondering if the 3 hour recordings enable with the firmware upgrade
is the same as I would choose 4 hour as far as the quality goes. Is anybody looked into megabytes used per 1 hour recording in these two modes would give
you the same capacity of the disc.


There is a slight difference in visual quality between 3hr and 4hr modes.

In real terms the 3 hour mode records at 3.3mps while 4 hour is at 2.5mps.

Does this answer your question?

Only a very slight difference in video quality you might see a difference in audio sync.
If you are making copies of VHS tapes 4hr is fine.

I agree, if you know what you are going to record (2 1hr 30 minute shows or 2 2 hour shows) use the corresponding mode to record , but with the difference being so slight I really don’t see a reason for the 3 hr mode anymore unless you want to record 1 long movie close to 3 hours long and want to get the best quality possible.

I fail to see the logic behind this. Audio sync has nothing to do with this. All audio should be in sync in all modes. If not, return your defective unit.

The reality is that 4-hour may get some digital artifacts from time to time due to lower bitrate. That is all.

I have found from experience (depending on media quailty) that it is preferable to avoid recording to the maximum limit of a disk (e.g. don’t go beyond 4MB as a maximum - it is often the outer edge of a disk where problems arise - even good quality media suffers this from time to time).

Typically, I try and avoid using the last 20% or so of the disk, and I rarely have problems as a result. I accept I am being conservative, but its so blinking annoying if a recording fails or freezes etc near the end!

Thus if I have a 0 to 1 hr 40 min prog, I nornally use 2 hr mode.

Thus if I have a 1 hr 40 min to 2hr 40 min prog, I normally use 3 hr mode.

Beyond that - 4 hour mode. Forget 6 hour mode - it is bad.

There were many users reporting audio out of sync when using the 6 hr mode.