3 hour mode, what are the specs 5005

What are the specs of the 3 hour mode. The 2 and 4 hour are listed in the manual. I think the 2 hour is 576 x something with some bit rate…i dont have the manual…

But what are the recording specs for 3 hours…

I made my old vcd befores…and svcd too…but I got 60 minutes of great quality SVCD using TMPGenc(near DVD)…this unit can only do 34 minutes.
what gives…I tried the VCD on it…and its horrible. A vcd should be close to VHS tape…but these are just horrible.

Maybe because my software that made vcd/svcd can do two passes and change compression so that areas that need extra get it.

The LP 3-hour mode is 352x480 at about 3.5Mb/s CVBR (3-hour), which goes up to maybe 3.8 to 4.2Mb/s and down as low as required. The EP 4-hour is 2.5Mb/s CVBR (4-hour) with about 3.1 Mb/s max.

The specs are as follows:LP bit rate 3.3mbps…and either 352X480(ntsc) or352X576 (pal).So the bit rate is between SP and EP and the resolution is the same as EP…According to the Manual,SVCD is the equivalent of EP and VCD is on par with SLP…The 5005 is the only dvd recorder I’ve had,so i’ve nothing to compare it with.It’s only my opinion but i get better VHS recordings than EP…SLP and VCD,well thats like watching a moving Monet painting,when you’re sat close.Not too bad when you sit in your garden and watch it through the window though! :iagree:

yeah…since its recording on the fly there is no room to do a second pass on the video to add more bits to good areas and less to areas that dont need it. I use 2 hour mode…its really sharp. I once recorded in SLP and the resulting video was like vomit.