3 guys drinking in a bar



It’s Friday night 23.30h and 3 guys are sitting in a bar, talking and bragging to eachother.

Their names are: Plextor PX-712A, Lite-On SOHW-832S and NEC 2510.

At one moment, after some drinks, Plextor PX-712A says: guys I can do something you guys can’t. That’s impossible they say, tell us: what is it?

I can burn DVD+R discs at 12x speed!

Some silence, but Lite-On & NEC both agree: you’re correct we can’t do that.

But, they say, we can do something you can’t!!

Not possible, Plextor PX-712A says. Tell me: what do you think, you can, that I can’t?

We can both burn DVD+R DL discs!!

Again silence, but finally Plextor PX-712A agrees: you’re correct I can’t do that.

So they talk for a while about the great things they can do.

At one moment a guy walks from the end of the bar to the 3 guys and says, what is all the noise about?

Well says Plextor PX-712A I can burn DVD+R at 12x speed!!

Well that’s great, but so can I!! Both Lite-On and NEC are laughing.

So the new guy says to them: what’s all the fuzz with you 2?

Well, they say, we can burn DVD+R DL discs and he can’t!!

Well that’s great, but so can I!! Plextor laughs and Lite-On and NEC stop laughing immediately.

But who are you, the 3 of them ask?

I’m LG GSA 4120B!!!

And as far as I can see now, I can do everything all 3 of you can do combined, right?

After some hesitation, all 3 agree.

Buy the way, LG GSA 4120B says a bite overhard, I can also burn DVD-RAM discs at 5x speed!!

He kills his redbull-wodka in one drink and walks out the bar laughing, leaving the 3 guys crying!


Great story! Thanks for the laugh!



But the Plex uses PCAV and not ZCLV. So it’s sexier. :slight_smile:


I know, and the Plex has a 8Mb buffer.

But that’s not why I wrote this little story.

If you look at the specs of the LG burner it is superior over all other burners.

DVD+R at 12x, DVD+R DL possibility and DVD-RAM at 5x.

But you don’t hear alot people about LG, but well about Plextor, Lite-On, NEC, etc.

In my opinion, if you just buy quality media (and why shouldn’t you) you got a killer drive if you buy the LG.

Namoh is very pleased with the new LG forum!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, there has been more talk about LG lately.

Personally, I love the idea of PCAV. It’s a lot more elegant of a solution than ZCLV, I think. On the other hand, the 8 MB buffer is nothing more than icing from the marketing dept., as 8 MB won’t even get you a full second of protection with a fast DVD burn.

I think that people talk about Plex because it’s Plex. And people talk about the NEC/Pioneer/LiteOn triumvirate people there is a well-established community… such a community doesn’t exist for LG (maybe it does in Korea, but this is an int’l forum)… IMHO, until you give people the ability to tweak/tinker with a drive, you’re not going to have much of a community… and with community comes people talking a lot about those drives… so this is my guess as to why people don’t pay much attention to LG/BenQ/others.


But I also think that LG should market their products more stridently. Here in India, LITE-On and Plextor are being aggressively marketed by their respective distributors, and even Pioneer have made an entry.LG? No show. They advertise their home goods, TVs, DVD players and ACs/refrigerators like mad, as also their CDR/RW and DVD-ROM drives. LG DVD writers? I don’t think I’ve seen one here, advertised or for sale.


I also like PCAV more then ZCLV, but maybe that’s solved with a firmware upgrade.

Although 8Mb gives you only a second extra protection I think that every DVD-burner should have at least 8Mb, if not 16Mb or more. But that’s personal. I mean why ad a buffer if it’s not usefull. :confused:


I’d like 128MB DDR buffer memory in a 16x DVD writer. :iagree:


The buffer was useful back before buffer underrun protection was available and back before burning speeds (expressed as data rate) became so high. Like many things in life, there are diminishing marginal returns. For the first bit of buffer, it helps a lot in preventing buffer underruns. But after that point (which I feel like around, oh, 512KB for 8x DVD burners… I guess that’s about enough to smooth out any minor, normal fluctuations in the data flow), the usefulness gained by adding each additional bit of buffer drops… a lot.


Talk is cheap! lets see some Test Scan results from this drive! :iagree:


If you buy decent media (in as quality media) it is just as good as Plex,Lite-On, NEC, Pioneer, etc.

Namoh still wonders why people buy a pricey DVD-burner but buy elcheapo media? :confused:


I suppose the only drawback is that there aren’t many around yet! I bought my LG gsa-4082b a few weeks ago, and I’m really happy with it - but if the 4120b was available…
Anyway the thing that upset me more than anything [start rant/OT] was that the latest Toshiba drive M1802 won’t read DVD-RAM, but my old M1612 can (plus +R/RW after flashing) so dear old Tosh seem to have deserted us all [end rant/OT]. Looks like I’ll have to buy an LG DVD-ROM too, unless I can find someone with a M1712…


Because I’ve already spent way more on media than I have on my drive (not because of price of media, but the sheer volume of media that I’ve bought)? :wink:

One generally expects higher price to equate to better performance and better compatibility. Which is why I find the whole “oh, the Plex is so good that you need to use good media on it” to be pretty ridiculous of a statement. Saying that “the Plex is good, but has the flaw that it works well only with good media” is a more appropriate choice of words.

That having said, it’s unfortunate that my beloved LiteOn family of drives suffers from the same problem. But since I don’t use cheap media (nor would I ever recommend cheap media), it doesn’t bother me that much. :slight_smile:


hate to bring this up but this is one of the reasons i bought the 4120b hate to burst your bubbles.

New versions of FW for this drive DO NOT BITSET!

Very limited list of supported media…does not overspeed anything 4x to 8x…only supports like 3 8x dvd+r media types to overspeed to 12x. does ok job with known media not so good on unknown.

does do dual layer but without bitsetting pretty worthless imho.

so so dvd-r writer. got errors trying to write to 8x dvd-r media…

LG really needs to address these issues…

reality sinks in… :wink:


BAH! my benq does far better with DVD+R media MCC02 and MCC03…this drive wont even burn MCC003 8x at 12x. media codes for this drive are very limited…mostly names ive never heard of ie its not a good drive for the U.S.