3 films to 1 dvd-r

does anybody have any idea how to back up 3 films to 1 dvd-r whilst keeping the quality good, i borrowed a dvd off a friend who bought a disc with 3 films on and the quality is excellent and just wondered how it was done and what programs i would use if i was to try it myself?

what complete playback length has the dvd?

bought a disc with 3 films

yup, he bought it, so it’s a pressed (not burned) dvd, and to get same amount of space you’d need a DL-DVD-burner and media…
there are many dvd-(re)authoring programs out there, but since i don’t copy dvd’s very often i cannot tell you about the different programs and their quality - maybe someone else here will do that… :wink:

a pressed dvd isn’t necessarily dual-layered, but if it is, then the only way to retain the same level of quality would be to use a dual-layered recordable and keep everything the same (such as using dvd decrypter to rip and burn the image). if it’s single-layered, you can still simply use dvd decrypter.

thx for replying lads, just to make clear what i 1st said, there are 3 dvd quality films compressed to fit on a 4.36gb dvd, so they’re all 1.5gb each, and the quality is still very good, not blocky like you would expect.
i’ve tried just compressing 1 film to 1.5gb but the quality is terrible, like a big moving jigsaw puzzle!!! i just wondered if anyone knew of a program that could compress a movie so small but still keep it in good nick??

How do you play the movies? On standalone player and if so how do you chose what of the 3 movies to play? Or if you play on computer, what program you’re using for playback?

Until we get more info, I may think you are talking about MPEG4 compression, like Divx or Xvid. In this case looks at http://www.autogk.net/ or similar programs., and the appropriate discussion in the specific forum.

the movies are played on a stand alone or pc, the 1st menu is where you can choose which film to play, then each film has its own menu where theres a short synopsis and a play movie button or return to main menu button.

This DVD style looks very promising for some movie backups.

I do not know if transcoding compression from 4.5GB to only 1.5GB still have excellent viewing, you want to ask that in the specific compression forum. Most people aim to transcode no lower than 80% although I have seen good results with 60%. I understand that when you say it plays on stanalone DVD player, this is plain-vanila player, with no special formats like MPEG4, etc. What program you use on PC and if you need special decoders. Are all the 3 movies full screen resolution? Is each movie about 90 minutes and longer?

Can you tell us more on this DVD? When you browse it with Window Explorer, does the file system look like normal DVD, with VIDEO_TS directory, *.IFO and *.VOB files?
Maybe someone can understand how it was done if they know the exact title. Was this DVD bought from some vendor or authored and burned by some individual?


The DVD you are talkink about is a low bitrate DVD OR actually to be correct it is extra high bitrate SVCD(MPEG2). When I fit 3 DVD’s on a DVD-R with menus and everything i got the same result. The reason you are able to fit 3 movies is it is about half the bitrate(3 90 mins movies = 3 X 90 = 270, Normal DVD Bitrate = 133 Mins. So 133/270 = About 1/2 Normal bitrate). Normally SVCD caps off at approx. 2700 Kbps. But if you lower the bitrate of the DVD you are able to go as low as 3000 Kbps. And if you use VBR you need not sacrifice THAT MUCH quality(will lose some). So you could do what I did. I.e. Select CBR and push the Bitrate down OR Select VBR with a much lower range i.e. 2500 - 5000 Kbps.

Hope this helps.