3 films on 1 DVD-9 Disc splitting for Backup

I have a number of DVD’s which are DVD-9 discs with 3 films on them.

What I wanted to know is rather then compressing this disc to fit on a 4.7GB discs which I am assuming is already been compressed to fit on the DVD-9.

I would like to burn each film on to 3 separate 4.7GB discs which would retain the quality of the film. It would require splitting the 3 films somehow and then burning them individually on to separate discs.

Is this possible? How can it be done? What programs would be required?

Any advice would be appreciated.


It depends on the structure of the original disc. Most likely they are 3 separate titles (tracks) on the discs, and will be very easy to split out for separate back-ups.
DVDShrink will do this very nicely in re-author mode.
CloneDVD will do the same thing, and will presearve the original menus and extras also.
If they are all onr track on the disc, then you will have to set start and end points for each backup, which can also be done with DVDShrink.

With Shrink, you will wind up with a disc with no menu or extras, unless you use a authoring program to create new menus.

Thanks for responce.

There is 1 menu with film selection, which lead on to the films main menu (subtitles, extras, etc, etc). So I would want the films main menu as well as the film whereas the film selection menu would not be required I guess.

How would I know if the film is broken into tracks or if I would need to set start and end points.

Sorry I am new to DVD-R and so on.


If you use DVDShrink, you will have no menues, the movie will just play when you insert the disc, Chapter stops will remain.

If you use Clone DVD you can keep the menues as they are, missing tracks will just not open from the menu.

It might help if you tell what programs you have and start by reading the relavant tutorials here.

I see.

I have DVD Shrink, but not used it yet as not needed to shrink yet.

I also have Intervideo DVD Copy.

I dont have Clone DVD, is it worth going for. Is it good to use for what I am planning to do.

I would like to keep or have the menu there.


I’m not familiar with Intervideo.
CloneDVD2 has a free 30 day trial, and it will do the job. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether to pay for it after 30 days.


Thanks, will look into CloneDVD.


Is it possible to somehow copy the menu over in DVD Shrink.

If so, I would prob wanna stick to one piece of software as it seem to be the most popular software. Easier to get support for I guess.



Yes, Booted up DVD Shrink, And analysed disc. The disc is indeed in Tracks, however in order to separate it needs to be in Re-Author Mode and menus are out. However the menus are there in the file structure.

Is there any ways it can be copied over in DVDShrink.


Originally posted by gonzomagic
[B]Is it possible to somehow copy the menu over in DVD Shrink.

If so, I would prob wanna stick to one piece of software as it seem to be the most popular software. Easier to get support for I guess.

Thanks [/B]

You cannot get a functioning menu in Shrink when re-authoring.

There IS a way to do this in Shrink, but it’s pretty involved and requires a very thorough knowledge of the program.

If you want to play with Shrink, open the disc and do a full analysis. Now open the main movie in the full-disc mode and you should see 3 tracks showing.

Select the 2nd track and manually set the compression to still pictures. Then do the same with the 3rd track. That leaves the 1st track with mimimal compression, so you go ahead and make a back up of the full disc (with functioning extras and audio) and only the 1st track will be playable in full motion.

then do the same with the 2nd and 3rd tracks and you will have 3 discs, each with a playable episode and functioning menu.

if each of the movies reside in their own VTS (video title set), you can use Titleset Blanker to blank out the VTSs that you don’t want in the resulting dvd, and you can do so for each of the movies. a slightly more involved solution (but much more powerful) is DVDStripper, which allows you to strip practically anything you want from a dvd (even individual cells). both of these programs are free, although you should donate to the others if you find the tools useful.