3 DVD's on 1 Disk

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I’m having huge problems in terms of trying to burn 3 DVDs onto one disk. Now normally I’ve got no problem doing just the one, but these DVD’s are of my band, recorded via a Sony Handycam, and they are a max of 30mins long each.

The problem I seem to have is that I’m using Nero Express and it’s all well and dandy putting all of the files from one DVD onto the burn screen (.IFO, .VOB e.t.c) but because some of the files on the other DVDs have the same name as each other Nero wont have it. And I cant rename the files that need to be renamed.
Now my knowledge of DVD burning is limited so I’m no too sure if MPEGS or AVIs can be burned onto the disks and be played on a normal DVD player.

I’ve been all over the net to find an answer, but no luck

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated :bow:



you have to author the disc…If you have Nero Vision Express then you can do what you want.Open NVE and click on “make dvd” and then “dvd video”.Go through the process of adding each of the 3 video files and you can make menus in there to.Click on encode or burn and they’ll come out as an authored disc.Then you can burn to a dvd…:slight_smile:

If you already have the 3 DVD’s made then what you need is a program which unfortunately isn’t free but can do the job easily

DVDRemake Pro

Under the tools menu option just select Merge DVDs.