3 drives, 3 burns, 3 scans - Big Surprises!



3 drives tested with latest firmware on Infiniti 16x DVD-R MID MCC03RG20

NEC 3540A, Firmware = Liggy & Dee’s 1.01 W5
Benq 1640, Firmware = BSLB SolidBurn = On for known and unknown media, Overspeed = On, WOPC = On.
Liteon 1673S, Firmware = JS0C, Learning mode = Off (Perhaps a bit unfair on this test?)

All burned at 16x

First burn on NEC then scanned on Benq then Liteon.



Next burn on Benq



Now for something really interesting. Note: As stated learning mode was disabled on the Liteon and this is the first time it has burned this media. But a very odd scan from the Benq!


This one is weird indeed.


So there you have it. 1 media burned at 16x on 3 drives and scanned on 3 drives. I don’t understand why the Benq scan of the Liteon burn is so bad. It must be to do with high jitter methinks.


I have the same trouble scanning discs burned on the LiteOn 1633 on both my BenQ 1620 and 1640 - it is very bad just like yours usually indicating a coaster, while the LiteOn scan says they are 95%. I wonder if the LiteOn has some sort of odd lead-in that the BenQ can’t read? Any ideas?


BenQ drives often behaves like that with discs with high jitter. Regardless of writer that wrote the disc.

I’ve seen that with discs from other drives as well, when the jitter is too high it freaks out.


Well even though the Benq was the slowest in burning this media (Typically the speed of a 12x burn) I prefer quality over speed and SolidBurn is really performing well. I am hoping Liggy & Dee’s W6 will give better results for this MID as well as others on the NEC. I might retry a couple of this media on the Liteon with learning mode on and see what the second burn scans like at some point too.

I would like to see more of this type of comparison done by others. Anyone else out there with multiple burners/scanners want to do some tests on other media? It’s laborious but I think it’s worthwhile.


great job DeadMan…very interesting results indeed…

there’s a BenQ 1640 versus Plextor PX-716 comparison thread in the BenQ forum where i’ve done similar comparisons between the two drives…some interesting results there too…


p.s. I’m going to request a moderator move the above thread to neutral ground like this one is…


Hmm … i trust my benQ - whateva gives the worst results. I notcie a lot of my HK discs going with scans like that, but maybe it’s not just jitter, maybe the drive is sensitive to Beta as well :S


I have the same happening here. Some discs are worse than others. These were written with a Teac 516GB@KS0A.

All my scans have been done with ECC 8.

Scan with KS0A


This was written with the Benq 1620 B7T9. The scan done with the 3520 is odd. Written@12X.