3 DL memorex disc at compusa for 12 bucks

great deal

just saw the ad about to go buy some, i will buy 6 or more :slight_smile:

u have 2 buy 3 at a time for the deal, instant rebate is why

Nice find but jm1647 beat you to it. :frowning:

I’m glad to see the prices are finally coming down some, but $4 a disk is still way too much for me when I can get high quality single layer disks (Taiyo Yuden) for $0.40 each.

BUT, the caveat is they are Ritekd01. Not exactly the best media out there for DL.

I had one once and it coastered on my NEC 3500 @ 2.4X, was not impressed. It was a freebie from Newegg so I really didn’t care.

Verbatim is the best choice if you have more money than brains. Besides my local Compusa is out of stock…

well guess what, the verbatim 3 packs are the same price at compusa 12 bucks :slight_smile:

so i got 3 3pack instead of that memorex crap :slight_smile:

Are you talking about these?
Could it just be a instore special? :confused:

yes, but it was a substitution because they only had 5 single memroex’s, so they substitied it, maybe not all stores will but mine did


here is the ad


see, one shows the 3 discs and one shows where in the ad it is :slight_smile:

they will most likely sub it for u too if ur lucky, if ur near one doesnt hurt to check :slight_smile: