3 dead sub pixels(blue) on brand new lcd



i have 3 dead sub pixels on my new lcd 3 days old, only noticed it today. from what i can tell they might be the blue sub pixels becuase i can only notice them in ither black or blue. they are very very tiny white dots around where the blue should be i think very hard to tell might even be between pixels. 2 are located pretty much in the center of the screen, and the other is down at the bottom. if they were all at the bottom i wouldnt be as annoyd but every time i am watching stuff i see the small white dots. I cant be really sure about the exact pixel number it is in, they are very tiny and arent the size of a full pixel about 1/3rd the height of a pixel. and 1/3rd of a width. they stay same position in diffrent resoultions, refresh rates, diffrent video cards, diffrent video cables. ive tried program that will attempt to fix dead pixels by flashing diffrent colors at very high speed. ive tried rubbing the area they they are in, pressing on it at diffrent pressure. i cant get the tiny white dots to go away. should i return the lcd for a new one or deal with it?


Technically you can return it for a refund or a new one. But some places have strict requirements for their dead pixel policies. You may have to check on their policies because some will only do exchanges if “X” number amount of pixels are dead on your LCD monitor. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to return it and get a replacement. If the dead pixels really annoy you then return it. Some places will allow you to return it if you’re not completely 100% satisfied with it. Try your luck and return it for an exchange.


I returned it for a new one, from a diffrent store for a diffrent ‘batch’ so far the new one is looking great. I hope the same thing doesnt happen to this one.