3-D holograms the next step in computer storage



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Will a new storage technique which is based on the technology behind the familiar hologram stickers on credit cards rule the world in the future? The demand for storage is rapidly growing (about…

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InPhase’s prototype CD-sized hologram disc can hold up to 400 gigabytes of information and retrieve it at speeds of roughly 30 megabytes per second. At that speed, people could download a DVD movie in about 30 seconds.
30mb/s and 30 seconds…so 30*30=900Mb for a dvd movie?? A dvd rip maybe…but not the dvd movie, it’s way larger than 900Mb.


wooow long live the future. :d ‘nice program’, ‘I’m going to try this to’, ‘thanks for the tip’


Just imagine people in holland, all the pokemon figures on one flippo instead just 1 in every bag :4


3D Storage…well…that gives you something to think about…


The technology sounds great, but like MP|3 states, I’ll hang onto my (HP)CD recorder. (which I have had no problems with) :7


T_Spirit, can’t you apply for a job @ Lay’s? :+


Can anyone tell me, what ever happened to FMD storage technology? (reported here on cd freaks numerous times over the last year or so)