3 CloneDVD's?

I’ve noticed that there are 3 companies selling CloneDVD…

  1. http://clonedvd.net/
  2. Elby
  3. Slysoft

I see that the first is completely different, but the bottom 2 are more or less the same (from what I can see). Are they the same company?

elby’s and slysoft’s clonedvd is nearly identical to each other, in fact it’s the same product just under 2 different licenses… :wink:
clonedvd.net is a sh*tty product from some chinese or japanese guys, i think… don’t use it - it’s bad of quality…

the clonedvd sold on elby’s website is the same as the one on slysoft’s, but they’re not the same company. Olli can explain the relationship if he wishes. stay away from clonedvd.net, which basically stole the name and slapped it onto an inferior product.

I’m not going anywhere near clonedvd.net, don’t worry :cool: . I’ve been using elby’s products for years, and have gained their trust, but i’m just interested in Slysoft’s involvement.

Slysoft’s prices are cheaper

But why? I’m surprised Elby are allowing this, surely it’s taking away money for them…?

Buying at Slysoft you can take advantage of the extremely weak US Dollar.

Right. Thanks!