3 burners?

I have a spare burner out of my second computer (that just pooped itself) and I am toying with putting it in my main computer (this one) rather than have it sitting around. This would have to go as slave to my ide hard drive.

What i am wondering is do I change the jumpers ( maybe to cable select) on my 3 burners or do I just put my spare one in as a slave on the hard drive and leave the other two alone?

a drive as a slave to your hd? i dont think you can do that… but i may be wrong…

You can, but I’d imagine it would slow down your HDD somewhat.

@belveder - bearing mind what I just posted, you can just set the jumpers to slave on the spare burner, then hook it up to the same IDE cable your HDD is on.

I personally wouldn’t bother - I’d just leave the system as it is. But that’s just my preference (I too have spare drives, and have considered the same thing myself). :slight_smile:

There should be no problem attaching the spare on the same cable as the HDD. This should not affect the HDD performance, certainly never has for me.

Obviously though burning from the HDD to this burner would be slow as they share the same cable but it should work. Disc to disc would be fine though.

Thanks for that