3 burner hook-up problem

I recently bought a new LG 4167B so I set it up on its own IDE cable and hooked up my BenQ 1640 as the master and my ND-3500 as the slave on my other cable. Since then, my old reliable 3500 reads, and especially writes, pitifully slow. DMA is enabled on all. I read and write from and to the BenQ and LG fine, it’s only the 3500 that is affected. Anyone know what the problem and/or solution is. See attached benchmark test.

Have you tryied to swap jumpers and put the NEC as master and the benq as slave? My 1640 works without problems as slave with a liteon 1693 as master in the same IDE channel.

No, I haven’t. I guess I’ll give it a try.

Let me know if it work :slight_smile:

Yes, this might work. I had similar probs with 1600+3500. After swapping them they were gone.