3 bin/cues, want to burn onto 1 dvd with no pause or gap

As above please, only got nero 6 and alchol120%.
Bit of a newbie so if I need to mount etc can you go into detail or point me in the direction of a guide.
Thanks in advance. :confused:

What are they?
Is it software, is it audio?

I don’t understand what you want to do…

If it is a game/program you may need to merge the discs manually, but as Tax said, untill we know that we cant help you. So please say:

*The name of the program/game/audio CD
*Where you got the files from
*Do you know if they are they copy protected (use A-Ray/PROTECTiON iD to scan)

Ben :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like he downloded a movie that is three cd’s and he wants to merge them together to form one movie file and then convert that to one DVD.

Assuming that Grumpy Old Fart is correct and that the files are legal, see this tutorial.

Note that there is no real need to burn the bin/cue files to cds first. They can simply be mounted on a virtual drive (e.g. Daemon Tools) and the mpeg files extracted from the mounted images.

Thanks guys, yes that is the case, I did it by using nero express 2, I haven’t watched it back yet so I don’t know if the “join” is smooth but I’m not that fussy (can’t be with my knowledge).
I have tried all the complicated ways of d/loading movie files(legal one’s) and putting them onto a dvd, and the only way I can achieve a descent quick result is with nero, probably not as good as the other methods but good enough for me and perfect for the beginner, simple and stress free.
Thanks for looking and help guys and merry xmas.

Oh bum, just watched it back and pixelates a lot and stutters in places.
The movie is over 3 hours so I had to check the reduce quality box in nero express, when I tried to reburn at a slower speed it errors at the end with both nero and alchol
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Use vcdgear to convert bin\cue to mpeg (very quick) then use TMPGEnc tools to merge & cut…
Then TMPGEnc to encode and TMPGEnc DVD author to author…

If this is to complicated try dvdsanta (no joke) after you have got the mpeg,s from vcdgear…(most is automatic)

btw there could be easer ways this is just the way i do it :bigsmile:

Cheers mate.