3 audio tracks DVD

Hi guys,

Here’s the problem: I want to author a DVD which would contain 3 audio tracks. No problems for cutting the various audio/video files, the only concern is how could I author the DVD with 3 audio tracks.

Usually I never have any problem to put 2 audio tracks on a DVD, using TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. Unfortunately it doesn’t support more than 2 audio tracks so that’s where the problem is, as I’ve always edited/authored stuff with this software only as it’s very easy to use, there are certainly some other softwares which support multiples audio files but…which ones are the easiest to use?

I’ve tried a few others but I was lost compared to TMPGEnc DVD Author 3…


Not sure how much money are you willing to part with, but there is a DVD Lab Pro, very flexible and not so difficult to use, or Vegas.
DVD Lad has 30 day trail.

Okay thank you, I will try DVD Lab Pro.