3.4GB+ error

I am having problems burning DVDs with more then 3.4 GB of data. The burn seems to work fine but if I verify the data or simply try to access files on that last GB of space the problem shows up.

I was using Nero 6 but recently upgraded to Nero 7. The problem still persists.

I have used Memorex DVD-R, Mitsumi+R and Mitsumi-R disks all with the same results.

I picked up a new DVD burner and still the same results.

This specific problem is showing up on a video DVD (not a copyrighted video, just my own compilation). When I ran the files through DVD Shrink to take the size below 3.4GB it all worked fine (though the video quality is pretty low). The 10+ other burns I made at full DVD size will not play the last 1/3 of the videos.

This only started happening in the past month or so. I am virus free and my firmware and windows updates are all up to date.

Any ideas?