3.25 in /5.25 inch DVD drives?

I inherited a free Tiny computer. it has a old 52 read LG CD Drive, a Zip Drive and a Floppy Drive. (See attached pic). I installed Windows XP freah onto it without problem but I wanted to add a DVD read drive (or even a RW Drive).

From looking at the picture, should I buy a 3.25inch DVD drive to replace the CD drive or can I buy a 5.25 drive to repalce the Zip drive?


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CDs and DVDs are 12 cm (4.7 inches) in diameter so there’s no such thing as a 3½" CD/DVD drive - you’ll need a normal sized 5 1/4 " desktop drive.

From the picture it looks like you could replace either the CD-ROM drive or the ZIP drive. It’s a little difficult to see whether the ZIP drive is in a 5 1/4 " bay due to the computer faceplate.

DVD burners (a.k.a. DVD-RW drives, DVD-RAM drives) are so inexpensive these days and so much more useful than DVD readers (a.k.a. DVD-ROM drives), that there’s little reason to consider buying a DVD-ROM drive. But that’s my opinion, and the decision is yours.

you could swap out your floppy for a dvd/rw (as there so cheap now) or replace your cd/rw with a dvd/rw, as i nearly always write from the HDD, i’d just replace the cd/rw.

some newer models of dvd/rw like to have an 80 core, 40 pin IDE cable, you may want to buy one of them at the same time.

eg: http://www.pcwb.com/catalogue/item/STCBL005?speedtrapid=froogle&lead=froogle

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Sounds better than expected. Any recommended cheap DVD-RW drives out there? I think the ZIP facade is removable. Are they usually connected via IDE cables as well?

Thnaks for the reply

This question is asked and answered frequently, and it depends on how you prioritize your needs.

I suggest you look at exisiting threads about this in our Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum .

I think the ZIP facade is removable. Are they usually connected via IDE cables as well?
Internal ZIP drives are either IDE or SCSI, and I cannot tell you which one yours is, although I think it’s more likely to be IDE.

I was thinking of buying this Model from Amazon

That model is a bit old. If you want a Pioneer drive, I suggest you get a DVR-112/112D (the latest) or DVR-111/111D (the one before that) instead.

if its a pioneer your looking for, here the 112 (Beige) for £21 excl. P&P