3:10 to Yuma & dvdfab

Hi there,

I was able to rip just the main movie of 3:10 to Yuma. It size was about 5304MB. I tried using dvdShrink to further shrink this movie but somehow dvdshrink showed the “overburn” red bar and the size about 5250MB. I never had that problem with dvdshrink before. And furthermore the audio part of this movie showed about 7mb for the 5.1 and the 2-channel. I don’t think dvdshrink was reading this file correctly. So now, I’m stuck with this movie inside my computer and not be to burn it.

I notice that somehow on the latest version of dvdfabhd - the option to change the media size down to dvd5 is missing. The only thing in there is dvd-9. So that if you were ripping just the main movie and the size of that main movie is MORE than 4.7MB then one maybe out of luck to further shrink the ripped movie.

This is for Fengtao - Please include the option to “shrink” the movie and make it fit a regular dvd. Thank you…

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for viewing this.