frooze watching TMNT

I’m so mad because this keeps freezing every time I try to copy a movie. I try every thing like reg.DVD movie only, it freezes then goes to another scene, then it freezes again,then I try double layer at 100% & it still freezes up then goes to a different scene. I hope some one can stop this problem.

P.S. other movies also {like are we done yet? } please HELP

What media are you using?

What region are you in? What are you using to rip/burn?


Your problem description is a bit short. I suggest you tell us more. :wink:

What more can I tell you.

What’s Verizon got to do with media? :confused:

Apparently, no more than we can tell you… :bigsmile:

Is this perhaps intended as a continuation of your other thread? frooze watching TMNT

Yes, your post is a bit short on details.
Let’s see…
I’ll just throw some darts at the “answer board” and see what comes up…

Most of the darts landed in the area:
[B]Please try some quality media such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden[/B].
Next heavily populated area:
[B]Burn at a reasonable speed…1/2 your burner’s max speed or 1/2 the top rated speed of your media…whichever is smaller (ie., slower)[/B]
Sorry, I’m out of darts… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, how about windows for a media

I have no idea what you are talking about here? Please explain your last post.

you wanted to know what media I was using, I have know idea what they mean by media so I think the want to know what version I’m using, that is why I put windows XP.

Media: The brand and type of disc (CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/…) that you use.

An example of what kind of answer we’re looking for: Verbatim 16x DVD+R Photo Printable (Made in India)

So what brand, speed and type of DVD media are you using?

Time to merge threads perhaps?

yes, it does.

it is a e-machine, what speed i do not know,type DVD & media is TDK 8x-8.5 gb

what do you mean merge

Sorry, that remark was not directed towards you but towards alan1476, a Moderator of this particular forum.

I have merged your threads ( put them together).:iagree:

Do you know what I should do to stop this from freezing on me?