Stoped workin on Vista


I just downloaded the lastest version ( and ran the install. After the install I rebooted. After the reboot I launched DVDFab and I got the Vista this app has stopped working.

I redownloaded the software and tried to install over the top. Still the same error.

I unistalled, rebooted, reinstalled rebooted. and still the same error.

I followed the post on here about a clean unistall and then reinstalled. Same error.

I have the program in DEP. I love this software, but I might not have a choice and have to switch apps to something that has better support for Vista. :sad:

Please Help!!!

Hello Skarpian and welcome to CD Freaks
It sounds like you have not added DVDFab to the DEP exception list, down below in my Signature you will see a link on how to do this :bigsmile:
Let us know how it works out