What happened?

I just updated and now I can’t read any of my discs. What happened with I was burning fine 2 days ago and now I can’t read any of the discs. Nothing changed except upgrading to the newest version. Not even the computer that burned them can read them, nevermind a DVD player.

There are no error messages. DVDfab says that the disc wrote correctly, but it is completely unrecognizable by my drive or DVD player. These are discs that I have burned successfully before. Other people are having the same issues it seems. What changed with Why doesn’t it write?

The only think I can think of is that the default setting may have changed from SAO to packet writing and I didn’t notice. Was that a change made on the new version?

Any ideas before I waste even more discs on this program?

Well I just upgraded to beta and the problem is gone, but I also made sure the writing preference was set to SAO. Either one of these could have made the difference. I was also burning from a DVD9 to a DVD5. I will have to see if the problem still exists when I burn to a DL disc, but hopefully it is fixed now. :confused:

it happenened to me with version when making a split disc onto 2 dvd’s the player would say no dvd

I finally upgraded last night to and everything is working flawless. No problems with 7 backups I’ve done so far today.