3.0GHz running at 1.5GHz



I just bought a 3.0Ghz CPU replaced my old 2.4GHz booted up and checked the stats and it’s only running at 1.5GHz
Rebooted went into bio’s enabled hyper threading and rebooted again everything froze. never could get back into windows

Anyway why would this in the systems area say 3.0GHz and running at 1.5GHz
am I missing something or did something wrong?

intel 845PE mobo
2.4GHz Northwood 478 to a 3.0GHz northwood 478



you have to set your BIOS settings to 15x200


I don’t see anything like that in the bio’s


Does your BIOS perhaps you allow you to take automatically found multiplier/FSB settings? If so, try those.

You can’t sent the multiplier of your CPU (well you can but it will always be locked) but you can change the FSB. The wrong FSB will result in a wrong clockspeed, as clockspeed is computed by multiplying the multiplier with the FSB. FSB is short for front side bus, so maybe that’s what you should be looking for.


I bought this 3.0GHz CPU to put in a new system i"m building (my first build). It’s a oem from newegg and only has a 7 day return policy. So I figured I would make sure it worked ok so I put it in my dell. I think my mobo only supports 400MHz to 533MHz FSB and the CPU is 800MHz FSB I guess thats the problem?

I still need to get a couple things for my new build thats why I did’nt put it in there.



Hey, why don´t you get an other mobo…? Intel 845 is already rather outdated. :confused:

I have a 865PE mobo, (Asus P4P800) and I can run 400, 533 and 800MHz front side bus… :wink:

BTW, Dee-ehn is right, there is no chance to change multipler on modern $ntel processors… But we can always raise FB speed. :cool:


Asus p4p800SE is what I have for my new rig

I don’t know if i’m gonna spend anymore money on the old one