3,000 more Blockbuster Express kiosks promised in 2011

3,000 more Blockbuster Express kiosks promised in 2011.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2011/02/01sdXb.jpg[/newsimage]National movie rental company Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 last year, but that isn't stopping the chain from mounting a comeback in 2011. Even as Blockbuster stores across the country are shuttered (one location right down the street has been liquidating its inventory for the past few weeks), the installation of thousands of new Blockbuster Express rental kiosks is in the works.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/3000-more-blockbuster-express-kiosks-promised-in-2011-39707/](http://www.myce.com/news/3000-more-blockbuster-express-kiosks-promised-in-2011-39707/)

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The problem with blockbuster is that it’s ruled by dinosaurs with blinders … can’t look left, can’t look right … it’s just full steam ahead … even if it’s over a cliff …

Blockbuster rolls out rock kiosks: spears, bows, guns, Cannons, Missiles, lasers are just a fad.
In a press release today, Russ Crupnick explained, the rock is the common denominator. Everyone can use it, it’s a mature technology that’s well proven, and everyone can understand how to use it. It’s the weapon of choice :iagree:

In an unrelated note, PrehistoricApple has release the iRock!
It’s so compact it fits in your pocket, and the smooth polished surfaces make it very stylish, and just having an iRock in your pocket means you can make an impact anywhere you go.
Critics have suggested that the iRock isn’t as good as the larger rocks on the market and highlighted flaws in the iRocks polished surface, but only time will tell if PrehistoricApple can attract customers with it’s little shiny things :wink:

Blockbuster just doesn’t get it. It takes some real genius to take a company from the top of it’s game to bankruptcy in 36 months. We live in a world where in that same period of time the cost of T-1 speed has gone from 2500.00 a month to under $50.00 a month yet Blockbuster can’t make the connection?

People in the metro areas have no need to be driving, searching for parking and standing in line behind a bunch of bugger eating brats in order to get rich video content. With vitally the entire country basting in fast mega bandwidth by the end of 2012 no one will need or care to stand in line for movies. With monthly online movie subscriptions running ten bucks and on demand movies being made available by the mega-cable providers it seems unbelievable that Blockbuster would go fishing in a pond that is about to be empty. This would also be a great time for the boys over at Cinemax, Stars, Showtime, Encore and HBO to start looking for a new gig because that party is going to end soon too.