2x30-pack Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL Media - $59.98 w/Discover Card - Free Shipping - No Tax - Amazon

Amazon has a promotion for an instant $10off$50 when you pay with your Discover Card.

I just bought two 30-packs of Verbatim DVD+R DL media, which were on sale for $34.99 each, so two would be $69.98, but then minus the $10 makes it $59.98 for 60 8x Verb DLs. That’s basically a dollar per disc, which is not bad for 8x Verbie DLs. Normally, we’re happy to get the 2.4x-6x discs for that price, so to get the 8x discs, which can probably be burned at up to 12x, is pretty good:

Looks like the Discover Card promo has ended. It appears it was a Cyber Monday deal only.

Amazon now has this offer for $32.99 (plus free shipping).

Patience can sometimes be a virtue–or–Snoozing does not always mean losing.


Is the Discover Card promo back? They’re still a good deal at that price, but the key before was getting the extra $10 off.

The Discover Card promo was not back when I ordered, but “a good deal” they certainly are. Free shipping and no driving–only to find out they are sold out, as so often has been happening at my usual Best Buy.

Thanks for the “Heads Up,” negritude.


I actually got in on that promo. great promo.

Just received. Made in Singapore :slight_smile: