2x NEC 3550 or 3550/DWQ120A Sony



I’m rebuilding my current system- I have a 4x burner now and upgrading is a viable option.

I could purchase either 2 NEC 3550a’s or 1 Sony DWQ120A / NEC 3550a. I typically read/write DVDs and write backups of photos- 2x each. Therefore I’d want to use the ‘multiple burners’ option in Nero.

Since some DVDs read well in different drives I would lean towards the DWQ120A/3550A combo.

However for compatibility with double burning DVDs I’d be tempted to go with the 3550A combos. Plus- there’s firmware that removes the 2x lock on ripping.






Checked the FAQ or L&D site?



Which is why I had posted asking for a community opinion. But I’ll look again in case I missed something that addresses multiple different drives.