2x dvdr question

i did try a search on this, but both ‘2x’ and ‘dvd’ didn’t have enough letters in them to search with, so apologies is this has been asked and answered a million times.

firstly, besides the obvious answer of the speed of burning, what’s the difference between 2x and 4x dvdr’s? i have been using 4x but seeing as i have just found out i can get the same branded discs at 2x for half the price i was thinking of switching, but i just wanted to know if there were playback or compatability problems with 2x dvdr’s on both dvd’s and PS2’s?

and, another question if you don’t mind… i have been successfully burning both movies, and PS2 games onto DVD for a while now, probably over 200 by now, but recently something seems to have screwed up because approx 5 out of 10 dvd’s freeze towards the end of the film when i play it on my standalone dvd player. i’ve tried different types of dvd’s, and i’ve uninstalled then reinstalled all of my software but this doesn’t seem to be helping. does anyone have any suggestions? oh, i should mention i follow chickenmans guides for copying if you need to know what software i’m using, and i have a pioneer fvd-rw dvr-105 burner.

thanks in advance for any replies :slight_smile:


I have noticed on some of the DVD-R’s that I bought that were cheap, have started to be unreadable at the end of the disc. It is a function of crap media. I have switched to Ritek G03 (2X) and G04 (4X) to use with my Toshiba 5002 (which is a 2X burner), and have not experienced any lockups since making the switch. When I first made the DVD’s, I checked them for errors with Nero CD Speed Scan Test, and no errors. After a few months, they had errors. I have been checking my Ritek discs for errors and they don’t seem to be developing any errors. I have found it is best to buy quality media and avoid the cheap stuff becuase it does not hold up over time…

“what’s the difference between 2x and 4x dvdr’s?” is a very vague question, and there’s no general answer. rated speed has little to do with a disc’s quality, other than the general rule that u shouldn’t burn lower quality discs at higher speeds. as long as the combination of burn speed and disc quality are high enough, the disc’s rated speed has little to do with compatibility. a device such as a dvd player or ps2 can’t tell whether a disc was burned at 2x, 4x, etc–it can only tell whether or not the burn is of high enough quality to be able to read it.

4x take 15min to burn while 2x takes 30min, thats about it. Quality wise either can be great or crap. movies burnt at 2x tend to be less problematic than those burnt at 4x. Your DVD Player only has a 1x dvd-rom in it.

Your freezing near the end of the movie on playback is due to your DVD Player being unable to read the data off the dvdr. Either your dvdr’s have changed (dont assume that the source and quality remain the same for every spindle/box of the same media) or your DVD Player is getting tired (or has dirty lens).