2x DVD-R Benq[Sony] burns better at 4x

Hi there,

These BENQ DVD-R media [manufactured by Sony] is originally recognized as 2x max burn int the LiteOn 811S … :Z Moreover, burning them at that speed (2x) leads to a poor poor PI/PO performance, almost a coaster… :Z

The good news: If you hack your firmware fof burning these media at 4x (I did it in my Liteon with Omnipatcher -search for that tool in other forums-), the result is amazing: :iagree: very low PI/PO values, tested with Nero CDspeed 3 and Kprobe2.

As soon as I can, I will post Disc Quality info [PNG files: the bad 2x and the good 4x].

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I have run a lot of Disc Quality tests (Nero CD Speed 3 an Kprobe2): DVD+R, -R and +RW: Fuji[Ricoh*], Verbatim[MCC, TY], Princo, TDK, Benq and some others for comparing media themselves and for comparing firmware performance [Among HS0K, HS0P and HS0Q in my Liteon 811S the winner is… HS0Q].

More technical details upon request. Best regards,