2x dvd media, is it possible to burn that media at 1x instead of 2x?

just wandering I’m using 2x dvd media, and is it possible to burn that media at 1x instead of 2x’s?? Using these programs: CloneDVD and DVDXCopy v.1.3…is there an options on these programs I could go to lower burn speed??? please let me know…thx in advance

it’s definitely ok to burn 2x media at 1x, but whether or not ur dvd burner supports 1x writing is another thing.

AZ,wouldn’t a burner write at a lower speed,by default,if a disc is inserted,at less than the writer’s top speed??

i have a pioneer a104 burner, and when i put in the 2x media, it doesnt give me the option on cloneDVD to burn at 1x, always burns at 2x…is there somewhere else i should be looking to lower the burn speed?? because the program doesnt give me that option

a burner has to officially support any given speed in order for it to even be an option. for example, most modern cd burners no longer support writing at speeds lower than 4x. another example would be my 1300A, which can’t write dvds at 1x, only 2x or above. this kind of thing isn’t only specific to the lowest burn speeds either; a cd burner might offer 16x and 24x recording, but not 20x. if the drive itself doesn’t offer the specific speed, then u can’t write at that speed.

ok, i figured it out…all i had to do is right click on drive, properties, change recording to 1x instead of 2x…duh…i feel really stupid now, but thx to everyone for their comments and answers