2x burner / 8x media?

I have a Toshiba DVD ROM
Model # SD-R6112 2x dvd-r drive. I want to purchase Taiyo Yuden 8x dvd-r media, but I need to know if my drive will support the media. Or can I update the firmware? Or is this just not possible?

If your burner is 2x it will only burn at 2x. Unless a firmware update cahnges this, this is the limit of the burner.

If you find it will not I would strongly suggest upgrading to a newer 16X burner. They are cheap at $65 or so and they seem to have improved burning quality for most of the newer media.

Thanks, on my way to newer/faster hardware.

Thanks, I figured it would only burn at 2x, but what I really wasn’t sure about was if 8x media would even be accepted. BTW I’m having Rima send me a sample TY02 8x to experiment with but I couldn’t wait!

Dont be surprised if they dont work or you have a 50 50 hit rate. Most media manufacturers are following a speedy market, and have dropped focus on the ‘prehistoric’ slower drives. I’m having a bit of a stir with TDK at present, as their new 1-8x media doesnt work on my drive. Heres what they said:

We understand you frustration with not being able to use 8x media. As i am sure you can appreciate TDK’s position in relation to this in that TDK simply moved with the market trend as the speeds of burners on the market increased then TDK followed with the media to support this.


My information tells me that it is a 4x drive in + and - , and that DVD-R 8x media is not compatible with it. There appears to be no Firmware upgrade available to enable it to write to 8x.
Could they be responsible for misleading advertising? The cake box just says 1-8x not 1-8x if you have an 8x writer. It also says that this media may not be compatible with some brands of writer. My brand and models on their compatibility list. Oh well I’m with you andrew68 I’ll just have to purchase that NEC 3520 I saw.:slight_smile: