2x 1640 or not



i have 1 benq 1640 and a dvd rom for copying, my dvd rom has just died on me and i was going to get another 1640 to replace it, is it better to get a dvd rom or get another 1640 instead.



I have 2 1640’s in my home rig now. Plus one in my work rig. Plus one in a box ready to go into my kids PC once I upgrade it to a Sempron 3100+.


With dvd burner prices so cheap you might as well get another one. :wink:


Couldn’t agree more. For $10-$15 more you can have a backup burner. That’s what I did when my DVD-Rom died. I doubt that you’ll find a 1640 anywhere, though. :iagree:


COMPUSA has the NORWOOD MICRO 16x dvd burners which are rebadged 1640 drives. I just bought 3 of them last week during their midnight madness sale, $29.99 after instant and mail in rebate.


That’s where I got my most recent one as well. :iagree:




Be more constructive in responding to this thread. I’m sure you have more than that to contribute to this forum site. BTW thanks for the clapping! :stuck_out_tongue: