2nd Title not automatically playing after 1st when Cloned

I backed up a ‘flipper’ DVD recently for a friend who was annoyed at having to stop half way through to flip the DVD. So I started off doing the obvious with DVD Shrink 3.1.5. I ripped the ‘top’ side to hard disk and left the ‘bottom’ side in the drive, opend the files and the disk and re-authored.

Due to what I can only see as a bug in Shrink the compression settings were inconsistant, in that it would not compress the 2 titles [as it saw them] equally and no amount of tinkering would allow me to manually set them to anything like close. All I could do was compress the 2nd title by a max of 1% and the first by a max of 50% leaving the movie too large to fit on a DVD-5 - not to mention. So I ripped them both uncompressed to the hard disk using Shrink and got Title 1 [Top side] and Title 2 [Bottom side].

OK, by now you may be wondering why this is in the CloneDVD forum…? Well, after the ‘fun’ with Shrink I fired up CloneDVD [] and Cloned DVD Titles 1 and 2 to compress them to fit on a DVD-5 So far so good. Before burning I played the files from the HDD using PowerDVD 4 and skipped ahead to the end of Title Set 1 to find that at the end of the last chapter playback stopped. I did the same with the uncompressed files output by Shrink and the movie played on with a slight pause [no worse that that of a layer break].

So after that out came Shrink again and fortunately this time the compression was applied evenly across the 2 titles.

I was wondering why the difference in playback between Shrink and CloneDVD, and if this behaviour could be configurable?


I did not completely understand would you did, but if you copy more than one title with CloneDVD without menus only the title with the litle green triangle in the title selection will play automatically. After this, the play will stop. To play the other titles you must select them manually with your remote (or the player software).

This is (currently) done by design, because we haven’t found a convenient way to let the user choose the play order with multiple titles. Well, this might be a lame excuse if you only select two titles… :slight_smile:

Thanks Olli, I understand.

Shrink will ‘allow’ the playback device to play all reauthored titles in the order they are dragged and dropped into the reauthor window. In my case the 2 titles I asked CloneDVD to transcode corresponded to the 2 sides of the flipper DVD so I wanted them to play seamlessly and in the correct order.

If it were possible to make this a configurable option then I can see a benefit, but having said that this is the first time I actually cared so whether it would be worth your effort is [as far as I am concerned] questionable.