2nd IDE Channel slows down the 1st

Hi everybody! I would appreciate some help with this problem that I have since I got my new computer.


Board: Asus A7V8X
1st IDE Channel: Master HD
2st IDE Channel: Master CD-Rom (HP-8200, 24x)
Slave CD-Rom (Old 4x, panasonic?)

Whenever I have intense activity on the 2nd channel (burn/copy), it seems all the juice is taken and my HD slows down big time (even with the one I had before with this setup). Example: I’m listening to an mp3 from the HD, start to burn a CD, and BANG! the mp3 plays half the speed!

I don’t know what to look for!


is DMA enabled for all ur drives?

How do I check that: bios or software?

My HD is “Ultra DMA” and both my Cd-ROMs are in “PIO” mode.

u say cd roms pio

are they burners are really just cd roms ? cause if they are burners then dma 2 is used ???

One burner, one simple cd-rom

if your using dma cables … 80 pin if I remember right the burner should read ultra dma 2 …and cd rom pio

Updated from ASPI 4.60 to 4.71.2. It’s a little bit better (less worse!).

Bios sets burner to PIO 4 and reader to PIO 2.

I’m not using a 80-pin cable to that channel. Is it why I can’t set the burner to DMA2?

yes sounds like it …if you dont then it will not use dma at all …i would change cables and try it

what about your hard drive ? what is it …dma 5 ?

sorry but I repair computers for a living and trouble shoot all the time so I hvae to ask alot of question since I cant see the pc …

Not sure… it’s an WD 1200-JB (8 Meg Cache). Pretty recent model in any case.

I’ll go ahead and get myself a 80-pin cable.

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ya need to check and see if it is ultra dma for hard drive cause that makes big difference too

just message me to help ya more … no worries

also in bios it should all be set up to auto for finding all your devices as far as dma

what OS are u running ?

I’m alright for now, thank you for helping!

My HDD is indeed running in UDMA 5 (ATA-100).
I’ll give you an update about the cd-roms when I receive the 80-pin cable I ordered.


no problem …

just let me know …will be happy to help ya and get ya going

also keep posted if that fixes ya up

IDE can only access one drive at a time. So why its using your 2nd drive it cant use the 1st drive untill the 2nd drive is stopped being used. I advise you not to put a cdrom on the same channel as a Hard drive if you are going to be using them at the same time. Maybe you can get a program that pre loads the mp3 into RAM.

I am not doint that. See first message. :slight_smile:

optical drives don’t need 80-pin cables to run in DMA mode; they’re restricted to DMA mode 2 anyway. go to device manager and uninstall ur secondary ide controller, then reboot and let windows reinstall it. both drives on the controller should then be operating in DMA mode.

oops i must have read it wrong :slight_smile:
So there in udma mode and have you installed IDE drivers? Like the VIA 4 in 1 or nforce drivers ? Is your HD an old one ?

It is a very recent one. WD 1200-JB, 8Mb Cache.

Installing Via 4-in-1 drivers gave a slight performance amelioration.

Next step is receiving that 80-pin cable!