2nd hdd

i have 2 hdd’s on one IDE channel (IDE 1), is this gonner effect my system performance or cause any problems when copying from 1 to the other, i use the 2nd hdd as a dump.

The performance will always be better when using different channels, but it’s no big problem to have 2 hdd’s on the same IDE channel. But you probably have some other devices as well, cd-rom and maybe a burner? The problem usually arrives when you have both cd-rom and burner on the same channel - thne you might get in trouble if you try to copy a CD “on the fly”, and you get a buffer underrun… The system cant read and write to 2 devices on the same channel at the same time.

i have IDE3/IDE4 still unused, could i stick it on them, my mobo is ABIT KG7-RAID but i dont want to raid it!!!
COuld i stick it on IDE3. i have HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402 on mobo.

I heard someone say that it would be better to put it on IDE3 as master?

You can use the raid controller without using the raid function. In that way, the raid controller functions as a normal IDE controller, providing a third and a fourth IDE port on your system…