2nd harddrive questions



I have a pc right now with 80 gb master hard drive, bought it from systemax around a year ago. I just bought a second hardrive for it about a month ago, a 160 gb maxtor hd / 7200 rpm/ 8 mb cache, Installed it and it works.

Now my question is, I am wanting to reformat my computer by use of the restore OS disks (XP, came with my systemax pc). I want to copy all my info (movies & data) to the 160 gb hd (slave) and reformat the master (80 gb) to factory condition.

How do I do this without losing data on the 160 gb? I can always unplug the power to that drive before I reformat, but the thing is, the maxtor disk that came with the computer made me format the drive ( wasn’t a big deal then since it was empty) before It installed on the system. Now I have my data on it, how do I install it without losing the data or formating that drive?


before you copy the data over, i’d put them on different channels, as my computer, unlike newer fancies, doesnt like read/write operations on the same ide cable.

since the drive has been formatted, you could unplug it and replug it into any other system, without having to do the maxtor reformat again. it should be as easy as moving everything you want, and then reformatting the xp drive.


How do install the 160 gb drive once I’ve reformatted tho? I know I have to update to xp sp1 for it to support the hd that big, but I don’t know how to install the drive without the maxtor cd, since It told me to install like that. I believe I tried to install by adding hardware but the new drive icon never showed up until I used the maxtor cd, Which requires a format before installing the driver.


Just hook it up and boot once you have Windows installed on your 80GB. Since it (the 160GB) has already be formatted and data is on it, Windows will install it by itself. The reason it had you use the install CD the first time was because there was no partition on the drive and it wasnt formatted. Windows could have done this for you. Control Panel=> Administrative Tools=> Computer Management=> Disk Management. You can partition and format drives here. But you wont have to this time cuz it is already done. Hope this helps.


alright, thanks.

I’m gonna transfer the rest of the stuff to the new hd and reformat.

Wish me luck :slight_smile:


Good Luck! :bigsmile: