2nd hard drive

Hi there, my hard drive recently has failed. It will not boot up…when I try to run scandisk it says that it has an error that will not let scandisk continue and it stops. It did this a couple of times but I was able to repair the problems on the disk by running scandisk. Anywho…I had purchased a new hard drive anyways, because I wanted a bigger one…How can I copy files from my old hard drive which will not let me boot into windows anymore, to my new hard drive that is running windows 2k?

If u have an OS installed (win2k) on the new HD, then u can access all files on the old one from there. it should be displayed in your explorer.
u don´t need to boot up the OS on the old HD.
U can do this only if your old HD isn´t damaged. if it crashed completely, maybe laser crash or sth. then the data will be inaccessable for ever ;/

Ok…if I don’t see the old drive in windows anymore, does that mean I have it set up wrong …How do I set them up? My new drive has C: D: E: F: G: partitions…my old drive has C: D: E: drives…how can that work?

When they system boots up…does the bios identify 2 physical hdds? If so, you have some chance of recovering this drive…:slight_smile:

the old hard drive, if on the same ide channel, needs to be jumpered as slave, the new one as master. if the partition on the old drive is not “totally” hosed, it should assign itself the the next available drive letter after c:

why so many partitions hoss???

Depending on what os you use…I may have a trick for you, but it only works for fat32 partitions, not ntfs…

I do have fat32…I will try that and let you know…thanks! :slight_smile:

ummm…that “not” the trick…LOL


As the saying goes unfortunately I am a newbie with a lot of questions. I recently purchased a NEC ND-2500A recorder. I down loaded dvd shrink & dvd decrypter to back up some of my home dvds but I’m having a lot of trouble. I also have Nero Express. Everytime I try to back up a movie I get an I/O error. What is this? Please help a fustrated man who isnt getting any younger.


Haha…I didn’t think that was the trick…anywho…
I have windows 2000…what was the trick?

Well it depends, does the bios see the drive? If it doesn’t post then it’s really kind of pointless.

If it does, then you should be able to see the drive in explorer, if you can’t then it may be possible to restore the master boot record.

To restore the master boot record (this will not work on an ntfs drive / fat 16/32 only).
Set the drive in question as the stand alon/master, boot from a system floppy (98se works well, not tried this with y2k) at the A: prompt, type in " fdisk /mbr " …no quote marks. This forces fdisk to restore the last saved master boot record, and may bring the partiton table back to life.

If this works, I’d stil re-partition the drive and format clean after saving the files.

Good Luck…:slight_smile:

Ah…I see…thank so much…!
I will go check and see if that works… :slight_smile: