2nd DVR-216 to die this year. What now?

I have just had my second DVR-216 go down on me this year. It no longer reads any discs put in, whether original or burned. It just sits there with the LED constantly lit.

What drive should I be looking into as a replacement? I cannot find any DVR-216 or DVR-217 around, and from what I gather, the DVR-218 is crap. Should I stay away from this?

Any other branded drive that should be recommended?

Lastly, I loved how the Pioneer drives were firmware mod able in terms of RPC-1, Improved ripping speed, Bitsetting etc. I would like a drive that offers the same features if at all possible.


The Optiarc AD-724xS or AD-720xS series might be good for you to try.

BTW, it’s not been fully proven or disproven that the DVR-218 is a bad model. No one has yet to extensively test this new design. It’s not yet known how comparable it is to other drives that use MediaTek chipsets (like LiteOn and Samsung drives) or the NEC Pioneer drives before it. I do know, however, that community support behind it is minimal at best right now, and we don’t know how it handles RPC1, bitsetting, etc…so I wouldn’t suggest it just because of that.

If all else failed, a LiteOn might be decent. If you select one of the newer models (like the iHAS324), be aware that there are two models: one with a MediaTek chipset that appears to be fully a LiteOn design (iHAS324 [B]A[/B]) and another with an NEC chipset that appears to be closely related to, if not the same as, the Optiarc AD-724xS series (iHAS324 [B]Y[/B]). Some have noticed that the former will be advertised as having the Smart Erase feature, while the latter will not, which is how you can differentiate. At the moment, community support for the NEC-based model is lacking in comparison to the full LiteOn design.

And in hopes that maybe you can recover your Pioneer…have you tried cleaning it or housing it in a different computer/enclosure?

Thank you kindly for your detailed and informative reply. I will definitely be referring to this in the very near future when it comes to finding a replacement.

I have not tried it in another computer, but I doubt it will do anything. I have had a previous 216 do the exact same thing to me that this is. In fact, this current drive was a replacement to the already failed one. After about 6 months of use it just refuses to read any media inserted into it. It will recognize in post, show up in device manager as working properly etc, but the second you insert a disc it will scan it forever with the LED solid until you eject. I have in fact managed to jump start it by force flashing the firmware over top of itself. I managed to get the previous drive working the same for a very short while which is why I knew it would work. It won’t be long until that no longer helps however.

Man, I miss the old days where every new Pioneer model was worth getting and I didn’t have to look else where for a suitable replacement.

Thanks again however Albert, much appreciated.

[QUOTE=cantankerous;2453548]Man, I miss the old days where every new Pioneer model was worth getting and I didn’t have to look else where for a suitable replacement.[/QUOTE]I do too:sad:

I have also been forced to jump ship from Pioneer to another brand after making the mistake of getting a DVR-218L. I’ll give LG a try.

Good luck!