2nd drive (reader)


I am pretty much set on a Lite-on SATA drive to be my 2nd drive and function mainly as a ripper. (Samsung will be my writer). I am having some problems trying to find out which one of these are the best (From newegg).

The LH-20A1S, the LH-20A1L-05, and the LH-20A1L-06.

Can anyone shed some light onto the differences in these?

From the description of the titles,
20A1S : SATA without LightScribe (no distinguished code from OEM / Retail listed)
20A1L-05 : SATA with LightScribe, OEM
20A1L-06 : SATA with LightScribe, Retail

No particular differences in drive characteristics, just LightScribe or not.

Thanks a ton