2nd Download?

Hi, anyone know how to download NeroLINUX for an alternate platform. I origninally downloaded .rpm format, now I would prefer to have .deb. Howver, since I have already registered my serial number the first time. all I get now is a message that my serial number has already been registered.

Well, I called paid support and after 51 mins on hold, I was told by an automated voice that there was no one available to help me. :frowning: I sent an email to sales @nero.com asking if I should just buy another copy. No answer. Does Nero want more $$ or not? :confused:

I would have to say that my past experiences with Nero products have been nothing but excellent, however this experience with their “support” and sales arm is quite sad. Are they going down hill?

I came here looking for the answer to that question.

Well, I never heard from them. For now I’ve switched to using GnomeBaker, although I really would prefer to keep using NeroLINUX. GnomeBaker, like k3b, etc all reply on the underlying mkisofs and cdrecord tools (i.e. they are nothing much more than a pretty GUI), whereas NeroLinux is a complete cd/dvd burning application. Nero’s own technology and partnerships with device mfgs is something that I think places them ahead of the curve. I suppose, since they haven’t responded, that the solution is to just buy another copy. I will probably just do that as I do think it is money well spent.

If you are already registered, you can re-access the download page. All you have to do is registering again and use the same serial number and same email address.

I just tested that again I get this,

Your Nero 6 serial number is already registered. If you think this is an error please contact our technical support team.


I’ve just re-re-tested it. If you enter the same serial number, the same email address and the same password that you have entered the first time, you can access the download sections.
You get such an error message if the email address is not the same as the one that is associated with the serial number.

Okay my mistake I was using different email, thanks mathf.