2nd Alternative to Nero?

I just got my bulk NEC burner today and now I am thinking about what kind of software I should use. I read that a lot of people are having problems w. Nero v6.x and DVD burning. Is that true even with the latest updates from ahead? If that is the case, what alternative would you recommend (apart from RecordNow)? I dont feel comfortable with the Sonic interface and lack of control (speaking of v.7).

I like Nero - I’m using… no problems. I believe is the newest version out… but you can also look at DVDShrink, DVD Decrypter, DVDInfoPro, CloneCD, TMPGEnc DVD Author, etc… there are alot of apps that will do the job and more.

K3b on Linux is excellent!

Chad-I have the same version on Win98 se system. Using Sound trax LP to cd when I go to burn the recording I get the message MS Visual Runtime Library-runtime error. Do you know anything about this?

I love Alcohol 120% too…

Thanks. No need to worry too much then.

Sparky3 - did the error messages you are getting contain any ID (like R6025) or mention any executable? I am sure a solution can be found.

i suggest k3b. it’s a codec frontend :slight_smile:

Sparky, I haven’t seen that message before (but then I haven’t touched 98 in ages). Is this the first time you have gotten the message? Ever encounter the problem before?

Go into C:\Program Files\ahead\Nero\ and check the NeroHistory.log file… look for erroneous errors.

It’s also possible that you might be missing some VB runtime libraries. If needed, you can get DLLs here:


Better yet… if you can grab a screen cap of the error (Alt+Print Screen) and post it here, it would help us even more.