2K drops DRM on Bioshock



I just posted the article 2K drops DRM on Bioshock.

Well, it’s about time they came to their senses.
Nice article over at the Inquirer. This is my first news post, so be gentle.
Another nail hits the DRM coffin today, as 2K Games announces that…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14778-2K-drops-DRM-on-Bioshock.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14778-2K-drops-DRM-on-Bioshock.html)

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Welcome aboard DukeNukem and congrats on your first newspost :wink:




It is one of the best games around and anyone who doesnt agree hasnt played it.’


@ DoMiN8ToR Thanks for the warm welcome. Now I have this soft and fuzzy feeling inside. @ MONALISA Care to enlighten us as to [I]WHY[/I] you think the game is crap?


DukeNukem wrote “This is my first news post, so be gentle.” Why should we be gentle with you? Your attitude Stinks…Looks like Desperation for CDFREAKS to allow YOU to Post.CDFREAKS is sinking fast!!!


micro$soft, obviously we were expecting comments like this, however I think it’s good that Duke accepted to try to become an editor (and did an excellent job on his first story). We like to enable everyone with an opinion to spread it here, so I would also like to invite you to become a news editor. You are also a respected member on the site and I would love to see what kind of stories you would write. I think that you’ll have to agree that the news Duke has posted here, is well written and does not contain his usual negativity, which shows that he’s not someone just spreading negavity and nonsense but also took up the challenge to add something to the site, and hopefully his newsposts will be good reads for everyone for a long time! Let me know (e.g. by mail jw at the name of this site .com) if you are up to this! Here your/everyone’s comments are also welcome of course, we love to hear from you!
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@ micro$soft Big words from a person (and I use that term loosely) who can’t even be bothered to set up an account here. Please do everyone a favour and read up on self-immolation. And what’s with your user name, anyway? Micro$soft? Is that some sort of clever play on words? I could see Micro$oft, but not Micro$soft. That’s just plain dumb and shows zero amount of creativity on your part. Just go sit in the corner and let the adults talk for a bit.


@ DoMiN8ToR I know you think you can recruit micro$soft, but he’s about as interested in helping out CDFreaks as Hitler was interested in helping the Jews. His last post added nothing to the site except a large pile of verbal diarrhea. Anyway, getting back to the story, I’m glad that another game company has realized that DRM just isn’t the way to go. Bioshock is a great game that was burdened in the beginning with bad publicity over its heavy restrictions. Congrats to 2K Games for finally seeing the light.
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DukeNukem wrote " I know you think you can recruit micro$soft, but he’s about as interested in helping out CDFreaks as Hitler was interested in helping the Jews." You should write an apology to all the Jewish People that Frequent this site. How dare you even contemplate linking my comments to what happened in WW2. You’ve just showed your true Colours. :r


Oh, thanks Duke, this article is not about BluRay finally… :d Still I suggest 2K games should release the RLD crack to their customers to remove the nonworking protection… :+


The unfortunate problem with DRM is that it always hurts the legitimate users, not the pirates. I’d be interested in seeing their server stats in a few months comparing pirate usage to legitimate usage before and after the DRM removal.


A little correction… 2KGames didn’t drop DRM in Bioshoc, what they did was to remove online activation limit. Now PC users will no longer have limited numbers of activations and installs. Securom DRM and activation it’s still there and 2k will kepp it that way. Has I said only activation limit was removed. And please I thought that the guys who visit cdfreaks, had a minimum of inteligence, what the hell are those comments? From brainless kids?


micro$soft; What did the adults just tell you!. Go to the corner now mister, it’s a 5 min. timeout and no typing or we’ll give you another 5!. By the way, DukeNukem wasn’t stating his opinion on the Jewish people, he was stating HITLERS. Now you see why schools are so important to our youth, they teach you to read and understand the language. Stop wasting your life and get back to one. Cheers Mate.


When I saw the DukeNukem’s name in the “Posted By” spot, I did a double take and was about to submit a bug report to CDFreaks! LOL… Anyways, congrats on your first news post and I expect some good reading material from now on, and who knows, a possible Blu-Ray article as well… :wink: Getting back to the article, GameCopyWorld.com has been around for quite some time and have been offering work-arounds for those who wish to play their back-ups… Those online activations are not only annoying, but troublesome also…


@ micro$soft “You’ve just showed your true Colours.” Shown, not showed. Keep trying, though. @ u_n_s97 “this article is not about BluRay finally…” I guess it had to happen eventually. LOL. @ lucifersatan97 “2KGames didn’t drop DRM in Bioshock” Yeah, I just checked into that. Damned Inquirer. Well, they’re officially on my shit list. Thanks for the updated info. @ Ruthless “Stop wasting your life and get back to one.” Nice burn. @ Hypnosis4U2NV “GameCopyWorld.com has been around for quite some time” You betcha. That site is a God-send for gamers who are tired of having to load their CD/DVD all the time to play a game.


@ Ruthless and actually micro$soft Duke: “…interested in helping out CDFreaks as Hitler was interested in helping the Jews.” I am a reporter from Europe that was definitely shocked by this blonde and Duke statement… With a big nose and a shrinked family I can greatfully say I am Jewish, but still say with the right hand on my hart that I am proud of micro$soft’s words. Personally I believe this duke should speake out his apology since a man called Ruthless (what’s in the name?) said Nukem wasn’t sataning his opionion. As an Arabic-speaking Jew (not-believing) I feel that announcements like Duke’s should be immediately banned. Regards, Reporter


I don’t care, I stole it anyway. It was just another FPS. Lame. :r


DukeNukem wrote “His last post added nothing to the site except a large pile of verbal diarrhea.” Responding like this really make you look like a complete Pillock. Looking forward to your next Newspost.


DRM has been proven to just not work. Look at the current situation with Music companies stripping DRM from tracks. They’ll one day realise that if people like a product, they will buy it (and without telling them HOW or where they can play what they paid for). There are those types of people who will never pay for something they can get for free - which is NO loss of revenue for the companies (so discount them from the equation). Same will happen with Movies and Games (or at least I’d like to think so). As for the ‘micro$soft’ comments (guess English isn’t your first language) - there’s really nothing you say here except to tell people how idiotic they are. Where are your counter arguments ?